Is Rwanda Safe for Gorilla Tracking?

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Is Rwanda Safe for Gorilla Tracking?

Most travelers to Africa normally ask this question; Is Rwanda safe for gorilla tracking? The truth is Rwanda is very safe for gorilla tracking as well as other travel related businesses. The Congo War has no effect on Country’s Tourism Industry and travelers can take their safaris in Rwanda as ever before!

Even from this week press release, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) has come up to comfort all tourists that have already planned their tours and those promising to arrange their holidays to Rwanda plus those carrying out different business enterprises in the country that Rwanda is sure and safe to be visited in all its corners of the country and not affected by the conflicts and wars in Congo.

This happened after a few days when the FDLR militias in Congo staged two in the northern and western province of Rwanda, and one person died in the attack before returning back to the unsecure Democratic Republic of Congo.

The acting CEO, RDB-Clare Akamanzi said in her speech, “On behalf of the RDB, we would like to assure all our clients that this is business as they normally happen in different businesses. Visitors/ tourists who are travelling and those willing to visit Rwanda should go on with enjoying the incredible and scenic sceneries, favorable climate, unique cultures and the abundant wildlife in our national parks most especially the most yearned for the endangered mountain gorillas”

She added that the situation in the eastern side of the Democratic republic of Congo resulted into lonely battles on the Rwandan area which were immediately stopped and increased security at the boarder a way of avoiding occurrence of the event. Akamanzi went and said that the government of Rwanda ensures peace and tight security in all destinations within the country.

In her view, she said that the tourism sector has recorded fabulous development/ growth basing on the last years and sector continues to be the high income generating sector to the government.

“Though ecotourism is one of the leading attractions for tourists in Rwanda, we are tirelessly working to develop the sector and introduce conference and events tourism, an aim that will be provided by the newly constructed lodges and hotels such as Radisson Blu, Marriott among others” she said.

Of recent, the minister for defence-Jamea Kabarebe told the cabinet ministers that mandatory means have been have been put in place to avoid any other FDLR attack.
FDLR is an organization of blacklisted rebels made up of members who lead to the 1994 Genocide which was mainly against the Tutsi, which claimed the lives of over a million people.


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