DR Congo

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DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo could have been one of the best destinations for gorilla tracking given that it hosts both the mountain gorillas and the lowland gorillas. In the eastern part of the country lies Virunga National Park home to the known mountain gorillas.

This exclusive adventure is found in Virunga national park located in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on the border of Uganda and Rwanda. The peaceful forest offers exceptional gorilla trekking experience in the most biological diverse protected area and a resident of many forest habitats.

A short trip over a long weekend offers the possibility of spotting multiple primate species, birds and catching up with impressive views of mount Nyiragongo and Rwenzori Mountain in Uganda. Part of the living mountain gorillas live here and it’s the major attraction of the country. Gorilla trekking in Virunga through the  unspoilt forest is a trip for life  that will be treasured from generation to generation. Comprising of outstanding natural beauty Virunga national park is a place to find mountain gorillas, lava plains, swamps, Rwenzori mountain views, hippopotamus among others.

Tracking Gorillas in Congo

There is nothing exciting like being in the close contact with mountain gorillas in the green forested environment. Tracking gorillas in Congo is meeting highly intelligent, good natured beautiful apes in the wild jungle forest coming out with life lasting memories cherished for life. When viewing gorillas, you will be in the presence of the hug giant ape-the silverback and their behavior characters make you feel changed and impressed. Mother care for the young ones just like humans. When the juvenile gorillas play, run around; jump on tree branches as they fall back to their mothers making visitors happy and joyful. What a great wildlife encounter full of unique moments and impressions.

Congo Gorilla Permit fees

Tracking gorillas in Congo is cheap with gorilla permit fees of only $400 for foreign nationals and $150 for Congolese nationals. The trek takes between 1-3 hours depending on where the gorillas are. The hiking and walking terrains are manageable as long as you healthy. The park is safe for tourists and the only mountain gorilla country where you get gorilla permits even at last minute booking.However, to be sure better to book all you Congo gorilla trekking tour in good time.

What to Wear for Congo Gorilla Trekking

Tracking gorillas in Congo is just like tracking gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda, the dress code is same and the gorilla rules and regulations.But due to gorilla conservation and protection, wearing masks and gloves during gorilla trekking in Congo is a must. As per now it’s not printed out in the park gorilla trekking rules and regulations though it will soon appear because the park rangers see it very important and essential. Other gorilla trekking pack list to consider are comfortable walking shoes, bottled drinking water, insect repellant suncream and a porter to relieve you during the trek.

Congo Gorilla Families & Groups

Due to much effort in gorilla conservation, today Virunga national park has eight habituated mountain gorilla families open for tourists daily. If you want to track a gorilla family with many members and babies,I would recommend Bageni the largest with 26 members.Other groups include Lulengo,Mapuwa, Rugendo, Munyaga, Humba, Nyakamwe and kabirizi

Update on the Political Climate

In the DRC civil war and conflicts are a problem, and conditions need to be checked before you travel. Militia groups and the army are currently fighting in the Virunga area, where poachers threaten the gorilla populations and poverty is leading to habitat destruction. Some travel advisory organisations consider the area too volatile for travel and recommend avoiding the DRC at present (UK government’s foreign travel advisory).