Uganda Gorilla Tracking Tips & Guidelines

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Uganda Gorilla Tracking Tips & Guidelines

For tourists preparing to get involved in this activity, its quiet  unforgettable and adventurous as you will  not  only get involved in tracking of the mountain gorillas but also viewing of mountains, hiking through  the beautiful forest  along side with spending with gorillas  one hour.

On the day of gorilla trekking adventure, you will be required to report to office of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Please do not forget the gorilla permit and your passport because you will be required to present them to the responsible warden who will allocate you the guide depending on which family is to be tracked.  The exciting activity starts at around 9 am and depending on the location of the group. You will have to walk a reasonable distance before you reach a place where the gorillas are found.

While   you are close to a place where the mountain gorillas are, you will be asked to leave your backpacks and bring alongside your camera. You are allowed to stay with the gorillas one hour and you should respect all the instructions you will get from your guide. The pleasure you will get after getting in contact with these gorillas is paramount and after tracking and you are back to the offices, you will be rewarded with a diploma which shows that you have done the unforgettable experience of gorilla trekking in Uganda.

Presently habituated Gorilla groups for tracking/trekking in Uganda

Presently there are thirteen (13) habituated   mountain gorilla groups in Uganda, and most of them are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National park. Within this park, there are   majorly four (4) areas where Gorillas have been habituated for viewing by tourists/ visitors. The gorilla permit you purchase will indicate the area you are going to track the gorillas from. At Buhoma area of the park, there   is the Rushegura group with 19 individuals, Habinyanja with 17 individuals and Mubare with 8 individuals. All these groups can be trekked within this area with Mubare being the first group to be habituated in Uganda and received the first Gorilla trekkers in 1993.  There are called Ruhija has got three habituated groups including; Bitukura with 14 individuals, Kyaguriro with 15 individuals and Oruzogo with 25 individuals. The Kyaguriro group opened to research studying the gorillas of Bwindi but is now open to tourist as well. At Nkuringo area, there are 19 individuals while at the Rushaga area of Bwindi has got five habituated groups, Nshongi with 26 individuals, Mishaya group with 12 individuals, the Kahungye with 13 individuals, Bweza with 9 individuals and Busing with 9 individuals. The Nshongi Mountain Gorilla group was first habituated in 2009 the largest group that had been habituated in Uganda, consisting of 36 individuals and ever since, the group has split in two forming the Mishaya group.

In the Mghahinga Gorilla National park there is only one habituated Gorilla group called the Nyakagezi group with (10 individuals) and has only this family with the behavior of crossing the boarders to Rwanda and the Republic of Congo.

What you need to think about when you are going to track gorillas.
You should bring a rain gear, comfortable hiking shoes and long-sleeved pants and shirt
Carry with you water and snack is needed
Carry along with you a good camera
Usually the hills are steep so you should be very fit.
You should be 18 years and above years to trek the mountain gorillas
Due to the close of DNA connections between humans and Gorillas you should not visist them if you have any contagious illness.

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