Trekkers Excited By The Gorilla Family With New Infants

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Trekkers Excited By The Gorilla Family With New Infants

Gorilla trekking is one of the activities done in Volcanoes national park-Rwanda with over 10 gorilla groups which are open to tourists and 2 open to researchers. Apart from gorilla trekking, the park also offers other activities such as Golden monkey trekking, cultural walks, nature walks among others.

In Uganda, gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest with about 20 estimated gorilla groups/ families among which 10 are habituated and open to trekkers/ tourists but one reserved to researchers.

Oruzogo is one of the gorilla groups in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest open to tourists. The group has of recent received new additions and has now become one of the incredible families to visit in Bwindi impenetrable forest.

A tourist who was on a 7 days Uganda gorilla trekking safari and visited the Oruzogo gorilla family and gave a thrilling feedback that impressed many people to the extent of feeling like booking a gorilla safari to trek the same group in the following days.

Below is how the client narrated the gorilla trek

“Gorilla trekking is not just a mere trip or a visit but instead a safari to refresh you and also getting a memorable experience. L stood near the gentle giants, watched how the mothers where grooming the young ones, the mother protecting and providing safety to the infants, giving them a kind and affectionate touch beyond that of human beings offer to their babies. The other family members where quite and had nothing to worry about. Our guide was superb, giving detailed information about the life of gorillas and also answering all questions that where burning us. A dominant male who was referred to as the Silverback was huge and indeed respected by every member in the family”.

The guide explained that Birungi and Mutesi are the mothers of the babies. The other juveniles within the family were by the names of Kanywani and Buchura however the new born baby was not yet identified.  Otaka, Kiromba, Kakobe, Buhura, Busungu and Nakiina among others are also part of the group/ family.

Oruzogo gorilla group is a gorilla family found in Ruhija- the northern part of Bwindi, it is a 2 hours drive to get to the starting point. It sounds as a long drive but worth it after visiting the gorillas. Be part of this incredible and memorable experience as you trek the most adventurous primate species in the world.



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