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Watching the mountain gorillas of Rwanda is such an exciting experience!!! Today Rwanda is a favorite destination for gorilla tracking. It is possible to go for gorilla trekking on a day trip from Kigali and most gorilla tours take a duration of 2-7 Days tours!

A gorilla permit in Rwanda costs US$ 750 per person and they can be booked from the Rwanda Development Board or through a local tour operator who get daily updates about availability. Please note that gorilla permits sell out first and therefore if you are looking to taking a gorilla trek during the peak months; December, January, June, July, August & September you are advised to book early enough at least 3 months to your tracking date. Many travelers book even a year before given that there is limited availability.

What is the Cost of a Gorilla Safari in Rwanda?

There are several tour operators who sell Fully Inclusive Tours (FITs). These trips include gorilla permits, accommodation, from budget to moderate and then luxury, transportation and all activities indicated in the confirmed trip itineraries.

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda doesn’t present such a serious physical challenge to any reasonably fit traveler. Remember that children are not allowed to go gorilla tracking. Travelers going for gorilla tracking must be above 15 years of age and must have a reasonable degree of fitness given that the hike can be tough going, walking through mountainous slopes in order to find the gorillas in their natural habitat. Currently there are ten gorilla families that have been habituated for gorilla tracking in Rwanda. These groups are open year round to tourists.

Please Note

Gorillas are very prone to human sickness, as a result regularly wash your hands ahead of your visit them. Whenever you consider some illness or carry a transmittable sickness, remain behind. Bend your head aside if you want to sneeze, do not at all spit in the forest. Remain in a tight group once closer to the gorillas, and talking only on whispers. Never eat as well as drink close to them, nor leave behind any rubbish. For your protection and their health preserve 7 meters far away from the gorillas, however remain calm if they come closer you. Do not, by all means touch a gorilla.

Even gorillas are not hostile, they’re wild animals and may at times charge. Whenever this happens, bow down, do not look them straight in the eye and await them to pass by. Rash photography is disallowed. Point-and-shoot photographic cameras are inadvisable as picture value will be very poor in these circumstances as flash can go off accidentally. My visit is indeterminable – be ready to be more patient.