Gorilla Trekking on Budget – Best Places to Go

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Gorilla Trekking on Budget – Best Places to Go

Going on safari has been a way of life to explore new destinations and places but gorilla safaris in Africa are vibrant holidays that impact lives of travelers for life. Gorilla trekking destinations are blessed with a winning combination of primates and wildlife and lakes especially Uganda, or Congo the famous cheap gorilla trekking destinations in Africa surrounded by multiples attractive attractions.

Many fly to Tanzania or Kenya for great wildlife experience and then to Uganda or Congo for discounted gorilla tours and treks. Because the two countries offer various budget gorilla tours and treks, Travellers find it easy to plan gorilla trekking tours in the four national parks of Kahuzi Biega, Virunga, Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The remote safaris offer the best jungle treks combined with culture, wildlife and many other impressive experiences.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

Going on a low land gorilla trekking tour in Congo will completely change your life not only seeing the rare beauties of the jungle but also how you look at gorilla trekking tour prices. Tracking gorillas in Kahuzi Biega is just like trekking gorillas in any other destination but the difference is that, the park is a home to a rare species of low land gorillas found nowhere else in the world.

The park gorilla permits are affordable and discounted in low season months enabling tourists to experience the primate life in the jungle. The advantage here is that infants and students get low rates compared to adults. Foreign Nationals pay $400 dollars per trek, students $200 per a trek and infants pay only $150 per a trek. Why not chose this destination for your upcoming family gorilla tour in Africa.

There are many other tour activities that one can do  apart from gorilla trekking like hiking where adults pay $100, students $70 and infants $50.Another is Trekking and Waterfalls and adults pay $35,students $25 and infants $15 ,winding up with camping that cost just same like trekking & waterfalls if done at the park.

Virunga National Park

Enjoy the world natural wonder adventure in the land of mountain gorillas and Nyiragongo Volcanoes Virunga national park the most affordable mountain gorilla trekking destination in Africa. The mountain gorillas live in the Virunga Mountains. Also known as Mufumbiro Mountains found on the volcanic range in the north of Lake Kivu extending along the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.The mountain consists of eight major volcanoes,Nyiragongo, Nyinamulagira, Karisimbi, sabyinyo and many others. No wonder Congo gorilla tours include mount Nyirangongo hikes being one of the most attractive volcanoes among the eight. Gorilla permits in Virunga National Park go for $400 dollars per trek for foreign residents and it costs only $200 during the low season months hence making Congo gorilla tours more affordable and cheap.

Bwindi Forest National Park

This life changing gorilla trekking destination in Africa offers 100% budget gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda on both private and group tours. Look no further if you looking for relaxed gorilla treks because Bwindi forest has only unique gorilla treks that you have always dreamed of. All treks are led by park rangers and usually depart from park headquarters immediately after the morning briefing. Treks usually take 1-6 hours depending on where mountain gorillas spent the previous night and entangled forest terrain.

For safety reasons tourists to Bwindi forest are required to respect all the gorilla trekking rules and regulations since gorillas are wild animals that can change behavior out of blue. Children must be fifteen years of age in order to track gorillas and eight people are allowed to track a particular habituated gorilla family. Every gorilla trekking tourist is allowed to strictly spend 1hour with gorillas for conservation reasons. Gorilla permits in Bwindi national park cost $600 high season and $450 in promotion months that is run both towards the middle of the year in April, May and also in November to close the year.

Mgahinga National Park

Other discounted gorilla trekking destination is Mgahinga Gorilla National Park a place where gold meets silver and tourists to this park track gorillas, golden monkeys and also hike the beautiful volcanoes that are one of the park most impressive features.

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